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atf responsible person form example

The ATF prefers that you list multiple people on the license. You can also purchasethe .EFT File Service here. I suggest checking out National Gun Trusts its about 50 bucks or so and they handle everything about the trust. Please be aware that refusal to provide this information, may result in a delay in the NICS background check process.". Select ATF Form 1 from the list to continue. Here is an example fingerprint card (FD-258) from the ATF website. & c. are for government agencies (that have never, in the history of ATF Applications, submitted a Form 1 application) and we are simply trying to confuse you!". If you are not a citizen of the USA, dont waste your time filling out the Form 1, as you arent going to be approved anyway. Firearm Serial Number. The ATF FINAL RULE 2021R-08F was published to the federal register today, 1/31/2023. If you are applying as a Corporation or Other Legal Entity, you will complete Boxes 18 & 19 the same as a trust. A formal commitment of a person to a mental institution by a court, board, commission, or other lawful authority. For example, if you have an individual stamp for a suppressor, only you can use that suppressor. 3d. Enter the name of the County, Parish, or Borough where you live. 6a - 6m.2. Remember, unless you have a Federal Firearm License, you cant lawfully start building your firearm or suppressor. Please provide the information for the responsible person. Even though we have the ATFs definition of a responsible person, its still pretty vague. Silencers dont have a Barrel Length, so John will enter N/A in Box 4e. If he is building a 2nd upper in 300 AAC Blackout, shouldnt he have entered .300 Cal? 4c. function myFunction() { No further explanation is required. But the real question is: What is a UPIN and do you need to get one?[31]. Back in September of 2019, the ATF decided that the Form 1 Application wasnt confusing enough, so they made some changes. So everyoneo n the trust needs to fill one of these out? 3g. 4c. From there, its a breeze. During the FFL application review, ATF investigators make sure there you have included everyone who should be. Instructions 3C state: "Social Security Number (SSN) and Unique Personal Identification Number (UPIN). Thisis yourUnique Personal Identification Number (UPIN). . u/NationalGunTrusts I have a question on Question 11, should I check yes and list my social security number on the form or am I misunderstanding that? [12], Box 4e. Take your time when you are entering your information on the 2nd & 3rd copies of the Form 1, as everything needs to appear exactly as it does on the ATF Copy. Just answer each of the questions by placing a checkmark in either the "Yes" or "No" column. Heres a thought: If 40% of all Form 1 Applications are denied or delayed, and nearly all resubmitted/corrected applications are ultimately approved; shouldnt the Form 1 Application be fixed? 3e. You can answer the yes or no questions without messing up anything, but you dont need to if you filed with a trust. The only things that are different about this copy of the application are Box 13 (SSN) & Box 20 (payment info), which are both obscured. If you have a question, comment, input, or concern (or simply dont have any friends), please shoot us an email at GunTrust@TheTrustShop.net, Federal Bureau of Investigation CJIS Department, Copyright 2001 2021 by The Trust Shop. Because the Smith Family Trust is the manufacturer, John will enter the information just like he did in Example #2, with one notable exception. Save your User ID, password, and secret question info somewhere. Select from template, by manufacturer code, FMI Form 1 Registration in the United States. They will shoot your dog. Please be aware that refusal to provide this informationmay result in a delay in the NICS background check process.". You will need to upload a photo of yourself less than 3mb during the eFile process. Just click on this link to the Fingerprint Card Order Form. You will get a filled out CLEO form emailed to you later after the eFile. You will be brought to the eFile main page. Either way, the prints must be on the correct cards and they must display the correct ORI number. If you used the fillable form from above your information that you filled out will propagate through the form. All applications must have a responsible person. Applicants are denied if that line is left blank. Next, you will need to add any Responsible Person you wish to be on your application. Applications that can be approved without investigations or material changes are processed much faster, especially when they need to investigate the background of an additional person. It is very unlikely the ATF is going to take a day trip to Staten Island to dig through the immigration archives. Building a Firearm from scratch is when you are building a firearm from parts & pieces. on the FORM 5320.23 does the ATF accept electronic signatures or do i have to print the doc sign the ATF and CLEO copy's and re-upload said documents. The form should be already digitally signed as well. Information located within this article isan original guide created by National Gun Trusts and not to be cited or used without the written permission of National Gun Trusts. This box is not required to be filled out. Anyone with management power of your business in regards to firearms is a responsible person., Note that you dont have to list persons who arent associated with firearms. If you are both the Settlor and Trustee (or any other combination of Titles), you only need to add one of the titles after your name. For example, I ordered a few personal firearms records and the NFA Branch brochure while says that their goal is to process applications inside 90 days! Have the first two pages of a signed and completed NFA Responsible Person Form scanned into your computer as a pdf. Then 30 days later, they receive a letter from the ATF that says: "Your Form 1 Application has been rejected (or delayed) for the following reason(s):", The Name of Authorized Official does not match the name in Box 3b (or Form 23, depending on your applicant type). If you are one of those people that will have a panic attack if you dont get to enter "300 AAC Blackout" somewhere on your Form 1 Application, you can add it to Box 4h. and add a list of the additional uppers/barrels to his Form 1 Application. The contact information for that CLEO gets entered in Box 10. You can also use our ATF 5320.23 Generator to generate your paperwork without .PDF software. Answer any other questions pertaining to you and provide the ATF with any numbers requested on the form. Do not use .338 Lapua. If you read the warning and accept, press Accept & Log In to continue. }, When youre building a Silencer, SBR, or other NFA Firearm. Caliber or Gauge. This is the 5320.1 (very similar to the 5320.23) it looks almost exactly like the 5320.23 Responsible Person form, except it will be all filled out by the ATF with the info you submitted during the eFile. Plus, I named my kids as the beneficiary of the trust so the items dont get donated to big brother when I die. If you are filling out your ATF Form 5in conjunction with this form, you can visit our ATF Form 5walk-through guide here. If you are registering a Sear, multi is no longer acceptable. If you dont have a UPIN, you obviously wont enter anything. Having a clear and concise ATF Form 5320.23 helps the ATF enter the information when the ATF Form 5320.23 application is received. In fact, just this morning we were watching a video where this donkey and a umm never mind. "10". 3i. Yep, there are some areas in the U.S. that are not located within a County, Parish, or Borough. For example: 7.62 mm, .308, .308 cal, and 12 Gauge are all acceptable formats. If you are submitting your Form 1 Application as Limited Liability Company (or other legal entity), you will do the same thing that a Corporation Applicant does. Federal explosives laws define a "responsible person" as an individual who has the power to direct the management and policies of the applicant pertaining to explosive materials. However, he doesnt like the idea of sacrificing his M4 to do it. If you are filling out your ATF Form 5in conjunction with this form, you can visit our ATF Form 5walk-through guide here. Nope he entered it correctly, as a 300 B/O rifle shoots a 7.62 MM projectile. Its the computer age, so the natural thing to do when faced with something this confusing, is to look for help on the internet. How to fill out an ATF Form 23 ( 5320.23) for a Gun Trust. Caliber or Gauge. This is the serial number that is engraved on the firearm or the serial number that you will engrave on the firearm when you make it, (ATF eForm 1 silencer). For example, a corporate vice president whose duties include acquiring and approving contracts with explosives distributors would be considered a responsible . This would lead an intelligent person to believe they dont need to enter anything in Box 20 if they are paying with a Check, Cashiers Check, or Money Order. You can enter a P.O. For example, if you file via paper form, it may take a few months to get approval to start building your item or firearm. 9c. 4e. 99.9999999% of the time you will check No. Silencer, SBR, SBS, DD, AOW, and MG posts are all welcome here. And, what happens if you accidentaly check "No" rather than "N/A?" For Example: If you are building a rifle chambered in 300 AAC Blackout, youll want to enter 7.62 MM as the caliber. So, lets run that garbage through the Trust Shop translator program and see what we get: ERROR! You can also use our ATF 5320.23 Generator to generate your paperwork without .PDF software. You can simply wait unti Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, Additional Gun Trust / ATF Paperwork Services, Shrink Your NFA Gun Trust for eForm Upload, FD-258 Fingerprint Card Walk-Through Guide, ATF NFA Engraving Requirements Walk-Through Guide, ATF eForm Registration Walk-Through Guide, Shrink the Size of your NFA Gun Trust Walk-Through Guide, Updating your Silencer/SBR [OAL] Letter Generator, ATF Form 1 & ATF eForm 1 NFA Approval Tracker. Type of Firearm. If John is building his SBR from scratch (parts & pieces), his gun trust is the manufacturer. $200 check for any NFA firearms ($5 check for any AOW transfers). [5] If you are going to keep your firearm at more than one place, enter the address of the place where you will keep the firearm most of the time. Each of these numbers is a link to the place where we found the information. In order to own an NFA regulated firearm, you need to submit your information, pay a tax stamp, and under-go a background check with the ATF. You only need the first 2 pages, the rest is instructions and the CLEO part which wont be needed at this time. You can download the original Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ATF Form 5320.23 and our example filled out form below. We dont know about you, but reading that mumbo-jumbo crap is like reading Chinese! 3f. This is the country that you were born in and might be differentthanquestion 9a. 2x2 photograph is affixed here with tape. Many people are so completely flustered & worn out by the time that they get to these boxes (from trying to figure out what went in Boxes 3 & 4), that they see the signature box, scrawl their name and move on; thinking "Wow, that was easy!" Options are: "Hispanic or Latino" or "Not Hispanic or Latino". However, this information assists with theefficient completion of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background check. Fingerprint cards (FBI Form FD-258). If you dont have a middle name, enter NMN, which stands for No Middle Name. You will now have an item under the Submitted/In Process section of your eForms dashboard. Heres a video overview of the entire process with all the steps and links youll need below: Youll need to order at least two sets of fingerprint cards and fill them out. Here is the link to a blank 5320.23 in a PDF. (Whether that vagueness is intentional or unintentional, who knows?) Last week, John and his buddy Jim Bob were 1/2 way through their 2nd case of beer, when Jim Bob offered to sell John his SBR. This is what you send in with your fingerprints. Enter the info for your CLEO in your area, most likely your sheriffs office and sheriff of your county. If you arent paying with a credit/debit card, do not sign Box 20. If you dont already have an account, youll need to register with the ATF eForms, to use the eFile process. You can make up a name for the manufacturer but put your address. Thats why I like to have the fingerprint cards filled out and ready ahead of time. [4] Even if your trust shows your home address (or any other address), you must enter the address where you are going to keep the firearm. I cant tell you what to answer on the second page, just that it must be truthful. I'm submitting one for a Romanian Draco and I've heard so much conflicting info on whether to put the manufacturer or importer on the RP questionnaire, and whether that has to match the Form 1 Line Item info. In an LLC, anyone who is listed a manager is likely a responsible person., In some cases, large businesses add key employees to their license. ATF 5320.1Application to Make and Register a FirearmForm, ATF 5320.4Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm Form, ATF 5320.5Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm Form. Below your signature, you will need to print your name. Because hell only be using the SBR when he is at the ranch (which is nearly every weekend), and because Jane caught him filling out a Form 1 Application (meaning he will likely be at the ranch on a more permanent basis), John decides the SBR should stay at the ranch full-time. And, if you want to take your own prints,[35] we have all of the supplies you need. You need to upload a Responsible Person form for everyone on the trust along with a picture and all their information. In this article we discuss the process of filling out the Form 5320.23. And for those unlucky enough to have this happen, it seems to happen on a routine basis. ERROR!!! Box 5015 Except there isnt a definition for Types of NFA Firearms. If you select the Item not in list box during the eFile process instead of selecting from the list, it could take up to 3 months. Box 3 is a grouping of six questions (3a.- 3f.) (DO NOT STAPLE) A single copy of your notarized trust instrument ( including all schedules and amendments) Payment for the amount of the tax ($200) payable to BATFE (unless you entered credit card info on the Form 4) There isnt a Definition 2k, but we are fairly certain they meant Instruction 2k, so lets look at it: Alright Lets scroll back up and find the Definition for Types of NFA Firearms. 9c. This needs to be clear and easy to tell it is you. Companies are bought and sold. Common titles include: Settlor, Manager, Member, Partner, President, Officer, Director, and Owner, but there are many other possible titles. If so, just GTS (Google That ShStuff) and youll find the answer on the manufacturers website. If you need to order cards, you can get pre-filled fingerprint cards from the Trust Shop. Neckbone Armory is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Click next to go to the CLEO page. Your financial officer may have managerial powers, but since he doesnt deal with firearm sales, he isnt required to be listed as a responsible person. (If that were the case, some companies would have hundreds of people listed on their application.). Content suggesting non-compliance or discouraging NFA ownership will not be tolerated. Note 3E is only for the ATF version and not the copy for the CLEO notification. If you are filling out your ATF Form 1in conjunction with this form, you can visit our ATF Form 1walk-through guide here. Select Form 1, Form 4 or Form 5 depending on the type of form you are submitting to the ATF. You only enter a Trade Name if you are submitting your Form 1 as a Corporation (or Other Entity) and you conduct business under a DBA (instead of your official company name). Lets cut to the chase and get straight to the answer. Have a JPG or JPEG photo of yourself less than 3mb in size ready in your computer for the eFile process. Because Johns wife put the kibosh on "buying" any more guns, John has the brilliant idea of "building" a 2nd upper receiver to use on his Colt M4 Carbine SBR. Any other aliases that you use. Certification. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Regardless, if you are a citizen of the Red, White, & Blue, check the box next to "United States of America." If you are submitting your application as a trust, corp, etc., you can skip down to Box 18. Options are: "American Indian or Alaska Native", "Asian", "Black or African American", "Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander", or "White". The ATF occasionally sends email correspondence, so make sure to enter an address for an email account that you check on a regular basis. That might be true, but ask yourself this: Did any of the 40% of rejected applicants think they were going to make a mistake? as shown Box 3b. Race. Create a Gun Trust with the Trust Shop and use the ATF Form 1 System for free. 5. I recommend using a trust to file your form 1 under. Just go to the Members Resources page and click on the button that says: "Create an ATF Form 1 Application." The ATF used to require that you "sign your name in blue or black ink," but they revised that to "sign your name in ink." AR, USCIS, or I-9A Number. eForms applications used to be approved much faster than paper applications, but that is no longer the case. Fill out the rest of this page with your name, email, address, title (settlor), date of birth, sex, race, state of residence, birth state, and SSN. Then, you will want to read How to fill out FBI Fingerprint Cards and 10 Steps to a Tax Stamp to make sure you complete the rest of your Form 1 Application packet correctly. Use .223 cal or 5.56 MM. Remember: You are only building from scratch if there arent any Serial Numbers on the frame or lower receiver you are using. But we would be remiss to not point out that applying as a Corporation or Other Legal Entity is a terrible idea. But for the most part, the Form 23 is the same as the questions you skipped on the Form 1 (Boxes 11-17). Firearm Model. Just sign your name the same way you did in Box 7; and dont forget to add the date. You will be hooked and will definitely get another NFA item in the future, trust me. Select Corporation if you are applying as a business that is incorporated (has "inc." after its name). Updated 3/31/16, Jews for The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, USA Carry - Concealed Firearm Permit Information and Resources. If you were born outside of the United States of America, you can leave this box blank. 3d. Use .223 cal or 5.56 MM. [24] [25], 4k. This box is not required to be filled out. Tax Paid., Next comes the section where you choose between an individual and the representative of a company or gun trust. If you are filling out your ATF Form 4 in conjunction with this form, you can visit our ATF Form 4 walk-through guide here. That means you cant just make 2 photocopies of the ATF Copy. If you are an alien, record your U.S.-Issued Alien or Admission Number you will enter that here. In many cases, its safer to assign more responsible persons than you feel are necessary for your business, just in case theres a problem. Filled out ATF Form 1 Individual Example. Is where information on the firearm is provided 4E is not submitted to the CLEO like with 3E. Okay, that sounds good, so lets scroll down to the definitions. The following CLEO notification must also be completed. Download ATF Form 5320.23. If purchasing with a NFA Gun trust, you will write the name of the settlor and trustee after that, i.e. Basically, anyone who will have management power of your business in regards to firearms should be listed as a responsible person. This person will have authority to speak with the ATF, apply for renewal, and even change the license. Commonlyreferred to ATFForm 23. Scroll down and click the Register button. Whoever has authority over firearms in the business also has responsibility, as far as the ATF is concerned. But we thought it sounded cool, which is pretty much the entire reason we wrote that last paragraph). Serial Number If you are modifying a firearm, you are required to use the Serial Number that is already engraved on the firearm. CLEO documents mailed out to your chief law enforcement officer address. Box 17 Unique Personal Identification Number (UPIN). (We told you they were her words. This is the very same question that was removed from the Form 4473 (the form you fill when you buy a gun at the gun shop), but it seems they couldnt be bothered to make the same adjustment to the Form 1. are the Original Manufacturer. Sometimes you (or your trust, company, etc.) At the bottom of page 2 You should sign the document as a trustee . You do not need to submit another FFL application (Form 7). This is the manufactures name and address or importer if applicable of the NFA firearm you are registering. If you already have fingerprint cards (or if you bought cards from John Law, you can click on this link to our article titled: How to fill out Silencer and SBR Fingerprint Cards for help with entering the correct info on the top half of the cards. Click next until you reach the Applicant page. "Other Country/Countries" box, you areexpected to specify what your country/countries of citizenship is/are. So dont be a dork and sign your name with a pencil. is the address where the firearm will be maintained. If you don't have a UPIN, select "No" for this question. I am applying via form 1 to turn my Century Arms AP5 into an SBR. And the ATF is off to a strong start, with nonsensical directions in the very first question: "The tax may be paid by credit or debit card, check, or money order. Contains similar information to that found on the back of a Form 1, 4, or 5 and the answers should be based on the individual. Most of the time your title is going to be Trustee, but it could also be: Settlor, Grantor, Member, Partner, Officer, Director, Owner, etc. Every Responsible Person needs to submit 2 FBI Form FD-258 Fingerprint Cards. Complete Guide. According to the ATF, the CLEO can be the Chief of Police, the Sheriff, the Head of the State Police, or a State or local district attorney or prosecutor.[27]. If you dont have a Trust Shop Gun Trust, you still have 3 good options: 1. Your telephone number goes here. Options are: "United States of America" or "Other Country/Countries." This is your date of birth. You dont need to put your social security number in but its highly recommended and makes the whole process faster. In your letter, include fingerprint cards (special instructions from the ATF are here) and photographs, as well as personal information: full legal name, position, social security number, home address (including addresses the person has had for the last five years), country of citizenship, place of birth (city and state or foreign country), date of birth, race and ethnicity, sex, and home telephone number. After clicking next, you will be brought to the last page of this line item where you can attach other files for this line item. The ATF Copy of the Form 23 for each responsible person of the trust with photos affixed and fingerprint cards included. That simply means you need to physically sign your name everywhere a signature is required (you cant photocopy your signature). We offer a service and sell FD-258 cards. Cell phone numbers usually work best, as you always have it on you.

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