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larry king michael jackson ghost

Margaret: You're taking Michael at a superficial, face value level. Then we can all sleep. i think that there were may cameramen shotting in the house, and one of the crrew members walked and the shadow was seen. There are no angles here, from the left or the right. im am soo tired of hearing u ignorant people saying that. and still loved by a planet ENTIRE Maybe A Jackson csald hetedik gyermeke volt. After watching his Father's interview on the red carpet, i felt bad for Michael even in death. So these videos I have seen capturing "a shadow" speaks a little more clearly for those who remain open minded and accept some things cannot be explained. Larry one thing is lacking though; the entire world is grieving over this tragedy but you have not put any resources in place for appropriate grieving. I think this world was too cruel for him. Michael Jackson was not raised like most people. It sickens me a congressman would attack his character after his death. . Michael's two sons are not blond. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Am67-Sew7k _____ "It is with true love as it is This needs to be on CNN and the big networks, so everyone knows! Good point, Kenny. It was not time for Michael Jackson to die, he knows it, the world knows it, and now his ghostly shadows haunt the halls of Neverland Ranch trying to figure how to come back into the physical world and finish the work he started if he did die that is! The shadow I have reviwed over and over sure looks like it could be Michael but then it's just a shadow. Some feel that this explanation is only a cover-up to explain away a case of true paranormal activitySo once again it is up to you to decide what you believe. What we need to focus on is letting Michael rest in peace now. Since there seems to be some sort of light source to the left, those without a discerning eye would immediately say the shadow is of a crewmember passing by off to the left. A crew memember. The need for said crowd control is unnecessary. As I've been watching T.V. I saw that exactly when it happened the first time it was aired last week i thought to myself hummm you can see the shadow of a camera guy or a workman that didnt want to be seen on camera. MattJ did you watch Matt Lauer's interview with Jermaine? She was NOT ALLOWED TO SEE THEM. playing his life story, I think about what I was doing while he was becoming a star. FANTOME MICHAEL JACKSON NEVERLAND ZOOM GHOST CNN BLOGPARFAIT. 1966-tl btyjaival (Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson) a The Jackson 5 egyttes tagja. I mean really I believe in ghosts so if MJ is a ghost maybe having trouble crossing over where else would he be but "Neverland". BTW when you watch Lauer's interview, you don't see the impression behind Jermaine's shoulder. It was then released on home video a year later around the world on LaserDisc, VHS and Video CD. The one on the left (Jermaine's right), definitely seemed to change during the course of the interview, and too fast I think, to merely attribute to the sun's movement. He gave a lot to so many and really tried to elevate the rest of us through his music. I THINK IT'S A COLOR THING.CUZ MICHEAL IS BLACK..AND HIS LIFE IS BEING CELEBRATED MORE THEN ANY OTHER PERSON SO YALL WANT TO DOWN HIM.. AND YEAH HIS SKIN MIGHT HAVE CHANGEBUT THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PPL THAT THAT SKIN PIGMENT DISEASE.WHICH I THINK MICHEAL CUZ I KNO QUITE A FEW PPL THAT HAVE THAT DISEASE AND IS COMPLETELY WHITE FROM HEAD TO TOE.. ONCE AGAIN REST IN PEACE THEE GREATEST "MICHEAL JACKSON" Stu, I always knew it! Are they God? Where is your humanity? He dances fabulously in it, the songs are great. Now that is something to report on. Considering how many of his own constituants might be fans, insulting them or friends of Micahel's such as Elizabeth Taylor, doesn't make him any points. But there are many cookers inside and also a ghost? females cover their faces with berkas they're not called freaks. Back in the early 1980's, MTV would NOT play African American artists on television. AMA Monster Energy Supercross Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Braves Baltimore Ravens Baylor Bears Boston Red Sox Buffalo Bills Chicago Cubs Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Cincinnati Bengals Colorado Rockies Dallas Cowboys Green Bay Packers Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Royals Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Dodgers Minnesota Twins Minnesota . Larry King did a live interview with Jermaine Jackson at the Neverland Ranch. & Childhood facts & Photos, Jhen Aiko: Ethnicity, Gay? . The "first feature" designation is applied to the director not the producer (s). A true believer in Michael Jackson who will never believe any of the negative things about Michael. If it was a reflection from outside, the shadow would have went in the opposite direction. Just give me a moment without negativity. HLN's Joy Behar talks to Larry King about the Conrad Murray trial and his reaction to it. Therefore, producers have been nominated multiple times. "Bad" is a song by American recording artist Michael Jackson. I want to see Michael remembered as a sensitive man who gave more than he had because he had a wonderful heart and soul. She said she didnt want them and now suddenly she does??? So what CNN should do is go back to the same spot, have some one walk in a few diff spots with the same lighting and see if any match up. That's not exactly a reputable website. The secret door in his room was for safety. I see the King of Pop! They say no good deed goes unpunished, and they are so right. It is an amazing piece of evidence, isn't it. Michael Jackson Ghost? Michael PAID OFF DEBBIE TO STAY AWAY FROM HER KIDS. Guess he was taking care of business Appartions can appear in any form shadow, clear or full-body. Tell the congressman to respect the dead, his family and his Should the MLB arbitration process be given an overhaul? The show's crew caught a lurking shadow during a tour of the pop star's Neverland. I was talking to Kenny, Mattj and Mellisa H. I really needed to find SOME ONE who could see this for what it is! Now lets just sit back and remember him as he was and not all the troubles he had. Those of you who used and abused him shame on you. Which Outer Banks Character Are You? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? He was a man who had mental issues. Marty Lederhandler/AP King was prescient in 1987 when he began an interview with New York City real estate mogul by saying he was "sounding. . It's probably just a crew member, but interesting nonetheless. The shadow resembling Jacko's figure appeared on a wall in the singer's former home during a live television . Why haven't We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. we owe MJ alot. _____________________________________________________ I posted a link yesterday about the other phenonmena during Matt Lauer's interview with Jermaine. Look at the reflection of the shadow on the floor; it stays straight in line with the moving shadow, and does not slant toward any source offscreen. Ethnicity, Sexuality & Childhood facts & Photos, Amber Rose wiki: Ethnicity, Sexuality & Childhood facts & Photos, Ariana Grande wiki: Why, Why , Why, not have the memorial in the rotunda in I have been seeing you report this since Friday. He then appears again after his alleged death watching his own funeral live on CNN dressed up in disguise as burns victim, Dave Dave. So I don't know what it is and I'm sure CNN doesn't know what it is, but there certainly seems to be something anomalous going on there. I for one will always miss Michael Jackson. HAPPY ! Look at the slow-mo of the footage it is clear that the shadow figure was holding a book or something like it open while walking, and closed it as he walked in front of the camera. Mostly unrelated, but I thought of something the other day, probably due to the hype of Michael Keaton suiting up as Batman again. MICHAEL , you stay forever in our hearts and souls ! We have more pressing issues in life liks arm forces being killed. No explanation given to the shadow in the hallway by the fireplace. During CNN Larry King! Many bloggers claim they see something ghostly at 4:45 into the package. Why not show the Homes for Heroes or somesuch where regular people and non-profits have come together to build homes for Veterans with Special Needs so that these American Heroes have a place to call their own. bob dylan's achievement 201 i fought the law in bloomberg's new york 211 for patriot dreams 219 ii. get over yourselves!!! I never believed the story from day one..People will do any thing for money, now I have seen it all Its sed,iven after this somody sad,that he was a child molester.Peples are ivol! Michael Jackson's Dermatologist Sets the Record Straight; . The interview Jermaine was pleasant and not taken out of bounds. Many children of mixed decent have lighter hair and blue, green or grey eyes. I just wish he could have experienced the joy every person should have. Michael Jam : sosie de michael jackson, ghost performance, michael jackson impersonator, ghost in lyon, monnwalk. Did you even see the cooks? After watching him, I realize that he really was a super star in every since of the word. If the energy is there ( electrical equipment especially) they can and will come through. Poeple really need to get a clue. SO THERE. tizenhromszoros Grammy-djas amerikai nekes, zeneszerz, tncos, filantrp s zletember. Michael Jackson is not like most people. It will set a date for the preliminary hearing in the involuntary manslaughter case against Murray, his lawyer said. #2 Those who cry Pervert! Michael's original "Ghost" video from 1996 is brilliant. Let the perversion stop. he covered his children's faces to protect their identities. About the shadow that crossed the master bedroom suite, I did notice that on the night the show aired but believed it was a camera man or crew member. I watched this video on kissfm's website and now I just watched it on Larry Kings show. Larry King Special: Harry Potter - The Final Chapter. During Larry King Live Interveiw - YouTube 0:00 / 0:51 Michael Jacksons Ghost ? Washington where everyone could pass by and pay their Debbie tried to sell the kids! A lot of you have asked us to post this clip LKL was at Michael Jackson's "Neverland" estate last week and got a tour of the house. On Monday night, Larry and CNN revisited the controversial ghost sighting and dropped the bombshell that the shadowy figure was just that a shadow. Or go rent a movie. I saw this live & the first thing that came to my mind was that it was a ghost shadow. MENATWORK. We don't know. Their hair is dyed blond. Quite the opposite it can't be. Please let him rest in peace. Video of a ghostly silhouette crossing a room in MJs former residence was shot by CNN a week after the stars death, and shown on Larry King Live. I don't understand why everyone is making such a fuss about Michael Jackson. It was horrible. ~ Lubbock, Texas. I would have loved to have met Michael but I would have never wanted to walk in his shoes for one: I could not move like him with such grace on the stage, reality is who could live under a microscope and such scrutiny. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more! Michael Jackson 's ghost has been spotted at Neverland. I feel bad for MJs kids. You can FF to the 3 minute mark and behind his right shoulder near the bushes, it looks like an impression of MJ. From a contentious back-and-forth with Jerry Seinfeld to a tte--tte with Lady Gaga, dressed in full Larry drag. How Well Do the Major Streaming Platforms Apps Hold Up in 2022? So you folks who think too big a deal is being made, get over it! The event was preceded by a private family service at Forest Lawn Memorial Park's Hall of Liberty in Hollywood Hills, and followed by a gathering in Beverly Hills for Jackson's family and close . By the way, didn't the famous video of the hotel elevator ghost in Singapore have a reflection in the rear wall of the elevator. If you are tired of hearing about MJ, change the channel. Poor Michael has not yet been buried and suggestions of a ghost have already begun. xxxxx Do they have ESP? Don't blow this out of proportion. So, come on CNN stop acting so Enquirer-esque and remind us that you're still a respected media outlet. Michael was the highest humanitarian on the planet. Are they God? Fans of the late pop star - who died of a suspected cardiac arrest on June 25, aged 50 - claim the image of his spirit can be seen in the background of a TV show filmed inside his . Being a curious person, I just had to check it out. Secondly, why did the other crewmembers, reporters, etc, not cast shadows as well? This whole Michael Jackson thing can't end soon enough. The shadow was much more clear on the live tv show it really does look like the shape of MJ. look at the hair. i truely believe thats michael jackson! Just let the man RIP. child molesters and child rapists are white men 8 to 80. I haven't seen it in years. it is not connected to any source (to the left or otherwise),". HE WAS ON DRUGS WHEN HE WAS AWARDED THEM. They all saying that he did not die and wanted to go in hiding. Michael Jackson contributed heavily to these changes. I hope Neverland will forever become a tribute to Michael Jackson and his children. In the beginning, a text appears that reads "Michael Jackson's "alleged" ghost as seen on Larry King Live has been seen by millions. I think ur rite. When Is Michael Jackson's Halloween's On? the same reverence and awe as did Larry. This is to be expected, since most folks who don't believe or want to believe in anything supernatural will dismiss something like this offhand without really examining it. CONSOLATION ! - - michael jacksons "angeblicher". Tell the viewer what efforts were done to prove that this was not the spirit of MJ. I trully feel sorry for his kids,even though they r not blood he took care of themYes he did have problems but his life was tuff..No one knows the life he lived only him..I believe he is a man acussed of a crime because someone got greedyHe wanted ta give to the children dont hate him cause he made it further then any of you,,,he had a gift and he did better then any artist out there.. A GREAT TALENT that will never be EQUAL, As for Michaels comment about sharing his bed with children, if there is a dying child or adult in your house and you are a mega superstar, and you let said child sleep in your bed I see no issue with that. A complete severing of his entire arm. i believe that your ghost is around until you are buried. Dangerous is the eighth studio album by the American singer-songwriter Michael Jackson.It was released by Epic Records on November 26, 1991, more than four years after Jackson's previous album, Bad (1987). These kids ARE NOT MICHAELS. To have as much fame and fortune as Michael had is unimaginable to about 95% of the population. How can this congressman or anyone else for that matter accuse someone of something that they did not actually see? The segment was a complete was of time. Whether or not he liked Michael Jackson is irrelevant. Jackson was a talented brillant entertainer but anyone connected to CNN hopped on the band wagon and had their fun in exploitating the man like everyone else did in the past. It was Larry King, perhaps unsurprisingly, who was first to report catching Jackson's ghost on tape. I'll just wait for TAPS to do a show on Neverland Ranch if their is any activity. I'm going to check the today show clip again as well. OUTRUN anyone ! why make it a big controversy??? Im sure they miss him terribly. 0:24. Larry King Solves Michael Jackson 'Ghost' Mystery The Michael Jackson ghost 'sighting' at his Neverland ranch has been debunked! Dead. I'm sure its some one working in the background. It's amazing how distant and out of touch some people really are with life to try and destroy such an innocent human being that stood for nothing but love. If you cannot believe in anything beyond this physical life or look at the evidence in front of you with a discerning eye, then I feel sorry for you, because your life is the poorer for it. Going through a trial is not something I would wish on my worst enemy, especially if you are innocent. Looking at the footage of Michael Jackson this week, I can't stop thinking what a great human being this person was. "at times what we cannot explain we tend to go for a logical reason for things" I totally agree. Michael Jackson cared about all people including our military. Michael Jackson was a child himself. in your LKL at the Neverland Ranch, Miko Brando was showing the hallway to Michaels bedroom sweet, there is a shadow figure that walks across the hall right in the cameras view, Larry, please pass my deepest sympathies to Michael Jackson's family and let Jermaine know that they can get special permission from the state of California to bury Michael at NeverLand because that is where he truly should be laid to rest. What was that all about? There was another clip of Jermain talking to LK and Michael's face was seen in the background..Does any one have that clip?? I never heard one way or the other. I think that this is going to be another Elvis.. FANTOME MICHAEL JACKSON NEVERLAND ZOOM GHOST CNN BLOGPARFAIT. Please note that Lucille Ball IS NOT buried at Forest Lawn as CNN keeps reporting. If you truly believe he molested children, keep that to your self! RIP MJ, the Jackson family & M.j didn't believe in ghost! What Are the Best Ways for Writing Your Film Script Perfectly? Jackson plays five roles, and performs dance routines set to the songs "2 . When Dennis Wilson was laid to rest, the Wilson Family requested special permission to have Dennis to be laid to rest at sea and it was granted. This would have to be the case if it were someone off screen. Im sure he didnt expect to die. It all happened on CNN's special show Inside Neverland, where Larry King conversed with Jackson's brother Jermaine. Just a moment to grieve! When Hey if it brings someone comfort to see it- then thats all that matters. for all of you people who did not like m.j., why then are you blogging ???????????????????????? This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. Watch the full debunking below and decide for yourself. He had a caring soul. Onalaska (aka "Clueless), Texas, Wow! Those who continue to say it was a cameraman etc. I've seen too many real footages & my own personal experience to believe that! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thank you for giving us a complete look into the King of Pop, Michael Jo Jackson, and allowing us to have a sneak peek into his Neverland Ranch!! I don't believe in ghost. Kenny, I did see that, and I must admit, it does look like a person. He should be remebered with respect. The Michael Jackson ghost sighting at his Neverland ranch has been debunked! Jordan Chandler I Lied for my father, im sorry Michael. Even people Mike admired sucked him financially. We have a feeling this sensible explanation isnt going to satisfy some MJ fans. Its strange, that M.J. House has got NO furnitures, NO pictures or anything else that shows that he had lived in. MJ will rest in peace in heaven!!!!! What a waste of film. I just watched the congressman again on CNN and it sickens me that someone would go after someone like that in death. I think it very well may be MJ, because he did not mean to die just yet, he just wanted to get some sleep for the night??? Brian C., Robert Stutts, Allan Heinberg, David Welsh . 4:49. There are people all in there. It's very elaborate. DUH! Whether biological or not, they are his kids. Sports Trending Sports NFL MLB NBA NHL NCAA FB NCAA BB MLS PGA WWE. you are wrong, if it had been the shadow of an employee, which reflected the lights had not been a reflection of that shadow on the floor and the shadow has not been so concise, it would be more diffused, 'that would be on the wall, now the spotlight is not in position to make that shadow is well Actually it M.J. who came back to Neverland to live as a child, don't underestimate someone who is an observer. 11:20 | Los Angeles, Jul. I watched the interview but I didn't see this shadowy figure until they showed it tonight and pointed it out. Too UNHAPPY ! [Page 3] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. I dont have all the answers. that even looks like him! At the age of 73, I kind of agree. It may have been a ghost or a shadow, who gives a rip?? there is a very good simulation on youtube,wats show,how this can be a shadow,but the moderator alvais take from here the link. Something strange happened during their interview that becomes noticeable. Why would ANY JUDGE GIVE THESE KIDS TO SUCH A DISFUNCTIONAL FAMILY. I belive in ghost,but i dont belive,that anyone can tapeing tham.I think,it was just a trik of CNN. We need to understand attitudes and challenges that existed before, in order to appreciate changes later. Check it out. They have dark hair. The King of Pop there is nobody like. He tried to do good with his wealth and people crawled out of wood work to get a peice of his pie . July 6, 2009 9:25pm CST. Inform the public. Michael Jackson Ghosts. May our tears of sadness and pain, you do not I find this interesting, but would like more info. !!!!!!!!! You had it right Michael!!! RIGHT. I don't think CNN can explain it because they are not sure how it happened. But perhaps "MJ" was gracing us with his presences while touring his home. That shadow was obviously one of the crew members. A public memorial service for Michael Jackson was held on July 7, 2009, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, twelve days after his death. July 15, 2011 . MICHAEL SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN GIVEN HER KIDS. MJ HATERS GET OUT OF THIS WORLD. Why have Miko Brando on the show. A message to the congressman. I am from Canada and I expected no less or any form of class from you Americans. (Quiz), The Vanderpump Rules Cheating Scandal: Here's What You Need to Know (Even If You 'Dont Care'), Outlast Forces Lone Wolf Contestants to Embrace Team Dynamics for Netflix Competition, Cher Blushes Over Boyfriend Alexander Edwards, Says Shes Happy (Exclusive), Rebel Wilson On First Meeting Meghan Markle: She Wasnt As Naturally Warm, 2023 Independent Spirit Awards: The Complete Winners List, Before Oscars, Everything Everywhere Sweeps Spirit Awards, Paul Mescal Wants to Keep Making Independent Films: Indie Cinema Is Where I Want to Live and Be, Everything Everywhere Sweeps 2023 Indie Spirits: Full Winners List, Nanny Director Nikyatu Jusu Responds to Indie Spirits Misspelling Her Name on Someone to Watch Award, Jamie Lee Curtis Dismisses Nepo Baby Conversation as NY Mag Invention: There Is No Discourse. Scary new raw footage MJ Ghost 390,520 views Aug 7, 2009 290 Dislike Share ngileydotcom 112 subscribers Ghost of Michael Jackson makes an appearance on. He was sensitive. Michael I only wish I could have known you. Yes he was a good entertainer but CNN has gone overboard on coverage. Learn more about the Foundation and it's efforts to help the uninsured, Comments have been closed for this article, NY Rep on Michael Jackson: he's a 'pervert' & 'pedophile', LKL Exclusive: Leeza Gibbons Offers Strength and Support to Alzheimers Caregivers, Operation Thriller: It All Started with a Conversation, Operation Thriller: We Met the Real Heroes, Hani Masri & Haim Saban on Peace in Middle East. Now we are beginning to find out just what a downward spiral that false accusation put him on. No mention of a staff member of other individual walking past the window.how frustrating!!! He was found innocent. I wish they would buried Michael Jackson and drop it. I love him. catae velo ve !!.. It's a. Michael Joseph Jackson (Gary, Indiana, 1958. augusztus 29. to see him. Michael was a lover not a fighter and so are his fans. This have to be EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Larry King: Michael Jackson was shy. Stop posting negative comments and leave the posting to the people who post positive comments. A shadow goes by. At the 3 minute mark, it appears. Too much SUFFERING ! are forgetting that the man was acquitted, aka found not guilty anything else and you are making assumptions, or prejudging, i.e. Billy Graham goes to be with his Lord I hope to see you give his death equal time. Reba's Steve Howey Says He's Game for Sitcom Revival Which Other Cast Members Have Expressed Interest? Sorry, to be more clear. We only index and link to content provided on other servers. Pretty cool. When the Rev. Stories worth watching (15 Videos) It looks to easy to debunk since there are people crawling all over the place during that particular time of day and the way the light is coming through the windows.

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