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why did salim fill the bathtub with money

She doesn't know the answer either, but Jamal is more interested in knowing how she is doing and where she is before the call is cut off. This people usually live on the streets or in slums. Salim's death. Jamal brings Latika a towel while she showers, and Salim leaves the room. He knows this because one of the call center operators who worked on the phone system told him. What streaming service has Slumdog Millionaire? How does the title and the . How did he do it? Poverty is a terrible state in which one doesnt have money or material possessions. Second provide them jobs, food, etc. And the only way to let that happen was to release Latika from the gangster who he worked with. They are focusing on meaningless things like paying more politicians to complete all the political parties when they dont realize that most part of the country needs urgent economical and moral help. This film originated in the UK, and its funding comes primarily from the UK. This kind of conflicts are the cause of other like working children, malnutrition, crimes, illiterate people, unemployment, and some others. The Question and Answer section for Slumdog Millionaire is a great Edit, No. But in the film, Jamal is a lucky slum (by destiny), because of his poorness he knew the answers to those questions on the Tv program, that is what makes him richhis life in the slums and destiny. The differences between Lima and Munbay they are a lot but I am going to explain you only 2 the first one is the people that live in each city Mumbay have 21 255 000 million people an Lima 8,5 million the second difference is that in lima we dont have cast system and in Munbay they have this system . They would have to buy or transport more things to sell so its not convenient for them. It then begins to flow into the pipe itself. Why did they blind the kid in Slumdog Millionaire? Jamal intelligent knows how the people behave to the Untouchables , his social class, and he dont believe in him, and give him the opposite answer, and win. They scavenge on a rubbish dump, where they are lured to a childrens home by an evil Fagin character who later tries to blind one of the boys with acid so he can earn more as a beggar. ", The policeman still does not believe that Jamal knew the answers on the game show and asks why he would admit to being an accomplice to murder to avoid a charge of fraud. Jai Ho is also a means of salutation in some parts of India, just like Namaste or Good Morning. They grow up and start to make decisions. Historically a bath tub literally a large metal tub big enough to bathe in was a staple of American home life from early years. But the most important thing is that for the Christians it is ethic to kill someone if killing him you are saving a lot of live. Slums in the movie were huge and they were like in a surface. Eventually he and Salim find Latika dancing in a backroom. Two of the main cast members and most of the crew are Indians who have worked in Bollywood. We know that in Lima there are also slums as in India. Perhaps a family planning campaign would serve better instead of promoting superficial, promiscuity. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle. The government should provide condomms or another source of preservatives so the people in the slums can have sexual intercourse without having to many children and so they learn to be more responsible with their lives because most parents abandon their homes after a while. Javed is shown as the local don of the slum where Salim and Jamal spend their childhood. He did it because the questions were about important moments in his life. Suddenly, he is accused of cheating on the grounds that no street kid could possibly know the answers to such impossible questions. Even though this program is not commonly transmitted in all countries in the world is a great effort to show that if you have knowledge of something it worth a prize. (5) For 1,000,000 rupees: On the American $100 bill, there is a portrait of which American statesman? Jamal Malik, face to this situations, demonstrate his disposition of never lose the hope, and never get up. Metacritic Reviews. GradeSaver "Slumdog Millionaire Imagery". document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ). Lots of kids dont have even a basic education and they are becoming people with almost no possibilities of getting a job and working. Publicado por Lissette en 19:40 Maman drops a bunch of coins on the ground and tells Salim to disappear with Jamal and forget the whole thing. When you turn on the hose, water fills the bladder, sealing it against the pipe. As Jamal thinks about Latika, first left behind running after the train, then as an adult, we are transported back to the present. So the solution to this problem is to have willpower for the change. However, it does imply in one scene that he knew the precise moment to callwhen show host Prem Kumar (Anil Kapoor) says "if"because that's when they open the phone lines. In Lima, near the school and near my house there is a slum called Manchay, where people dont have money to make houses. . For me, this action is really good for Salim and lives his conscience and soul more free and in a better condition. Gmal is a slum who entered to that show to be seen by Latika and to try to win this game. Most of the times we have money and do not know what to do with it, and the best thing to do is use to help others. Danny Boyle's movie, the most talked-about British film in years, may have won a powerful cohort of enemies in India and overseas, but among these real-life 'slumdogs' the director has become a hero. The title no provide the entire summary but if you analysis the title you can deduce that the theme of the movie is that a person who live in a slum is going to become a millionaire. For example when I first saw the title of the movie I imagine that it will be a slum dog that wins a kind of lottery or something like that, so in this case the title gives you a very close idea of the movie. Jamal does not leave, and Latika comes up behind Salim and tells him to leave. (3) For 16,000 rupees: In depictions of God Rama, he is famously holding what in his right hand? The way Salim decides to go with Javed after escaping from Maman. In the final scene, we see Salim and the choice he makes - filling the bathtub with money, etc. Finally, he says God is great, as it gave the opportunity to get rid of that weight off. I really think that the cause of this is bad education and lack of opportunities. Boyle's daughter told him about Patel, who had a role on the British TV show Skins. Salim and Jamal shared lots of adventures but he betrayed his own brother in order to earn money. Im going to compare the slums in Munbai, and the slums in Lima. I think that the causes of this problem is that the bad organization of the states, because many people are indifferent about these problems, and also another factor is the overpopulation, because with this problem the state needs more food and more places of work, and this bring us again to the other point that is the bad organization of the state, the bad distribution of the lands and the necessity of more food. Why does he make this choice? By doing this act of kindness, knowing that he will be killed, he fill the bathtub and put money into it, to die with everything he got, but in a bad way. Known by the name of "Cherry," it is implied that Latika has been kept a virgin to increase her value for her eventual sale into prostitution. There is no such scene in the book, although its possibility is suggested.For three years, from ages eleven through thirteen, Ram works as a daytime houseboy for a retired movie actress in her forties named Neelima Kumari. Common Facts about Mumbai and Lima By filling the tub all the way, you expand the gap quite a bit. Is Slumdog Millionaire Hollywood or Bollywood? In Lima there lots of slums which are here because there lots of people who had a bad economic situation and they doesnt have too much money to keep a normal house so they built their on house with recycled objects in places were they are the same type of houses, and this everyday is getting bigger and bigger. A chai wallah is a person who provides tea, either by selling or bringing it. After living an adventurous but generally low-risk life for the last few years, Jamal is once again thrust into danger when he encounters Maman. Bollywood films are made through various Indian film studios located in the city of Mumbai. Poor people migrate to well-known cities in their countries in order to have the same opportunities as the ones who already live there and have a job. Get a summary of everything Salim (Madhur Mittal (younger Salim played by Ashutosh Lobo Gajiwala and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail)) does throughout Slumdog Millionaire. That is a big difference, because here if you dont have what to eat yo simply take a fruit from a tree or kill an animal and eat it. What is written underneath it? The title explains Jamal's identity, and motif, in the movie. Because he realized he had been doing wrong his whole life and he wanted to have no more regrets. We should raise funds to bring education to little kids, so in the future they could get out of the poverty circle. Per is Just like India in a lot of ways. By scarifying himself to safe Latika he is saving the last thing in this world that Jamal loves. He wrote his own destiny. Well, live in the slums of Mumbai, is very hard because there is a lot of garbage and a lot of dead animal, etc and this make that all the people who live there, suffer illnes or even death. and in long term I think that we need to make our country grow so there are going to be more job opportunities and also the banks are helping them by giving them money to run out a business and also upgraded the nationals schools so these people can have a good education and maybe enter to universities if they study hard enough so if we do this in a few years we are going to see less poor children on the streets asking for money. "You're a sweet boy, Jamal," says Latika, taking the towel and going back in the bathroom. This film weaves together nightmare and impossible dream. This is also seen in the movie, because in the slums there isnt any consistent education and the children also grow without a knowledge base. The tv Host of the progamme who wants to be a millionaireis a famous guy who won that game and its rich. Salim raped Latika the night that he and Jamal rescued her from Maman. But The case of Jamal malik is different, his poorness turned him rich. Best summary PDF, themes, and quotes. But today he is a millionaire and television superstar, the first contestant to win $1 million on the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.. As 18-year-old Jamal Malik (Dev Patel) answers questions on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, flashbacks show how he got there. Teach them how to get out of that situation, working and changing the situation. Salim takes that decision seeking for redemption for having once made his brothers life miserable. Social, political and economic exclusion and He wrote his own destiny. Rahman with contributions by M.I.A., was released exclusively on iTunes in November 2008. Salim shoots Maman when the two of them encounter him together. The people who live in the slums do not live in houses, they live in shacks, not houses. What User Reviews Although Pinto was born and raised in Mumbai, she is best known for her roles in various British and American films. People who are from a lower social leve are nglected by usl, we dont want to talk to them. This decissions are alson taken by people in Lima, for example poor people have to take a decission between robbing or work really hardly for their money, people who are honorable choose to make their money by their own effort, like Salim who decided at the end of the movie to be honorable and fair to Jamal. Use a high-quality bubble bath product. What did Jamal do? With the host of the game is given the same situation, Imagine what you would feel if someone that never have education and he live without electricity and water, and probably the only thing he have done in his life to survive is to steal, Why should be wining a game that is not fit to his class, perhaps you have to put it becuase i would be racist if you dont let the chance to participate,but is about to win a 5 million and incompetence guy? Why did Salim put money in the bath? The sofa's bolster concealed a water tank and heater, while the seat unfolded to reveal a bathtub. What does a Canadian need to enter the US? Is Slumdog Millionaire available on Netflix? In this movie, Jamal is being accused of fraud and cheating as he knows every answer to the question. What do you take away as the most important message or impression from the film? Latika is shown living in Javed's apartment when Jamal comes there and sees her. When he was a little boy he use to protect his brother from the evil man that abuse them. (7) For 5,000,000 rupees: Cambridge Circus is in which U.K. city? The tv host accuse Gamal of cheating because Gamal was answering all the questions, and because he is a slum he suppoused to be a cheater and not fair, just because he is a slum. In the final scene, we see Salim and the choice he makes filling the bathtub with money, etc. If India is presenting this show it indicates a signal of progress as the developed and industrialized countries in the world. Resigned to his fate, the sacrifice he has made for his childhood friend, Salim fills a bathtub with money, the only reward for the life of a gangster, and gets into the tub with a revolver, prepared to meet his fate. Also, we have this problem of a lot of percentage of poor people because we hace persons that are extremly rich and others that are extreamly poor, so is not balanced. That also is seen in the movie, this causes corruption, indifference, physical abuse, social impairment. Next, use a screwdriver to disconnect the handle of the faucet. I took it to mean that he was guilting her into being his girlfriend, or more likely, *ahem* "girlfriend", meaning that they did something that would legally be consensual but ethically or philosophically could have been sexual rape. I think that the producers give this name to the movie to attract the attention of the people because is strange. He then gives Jamal the wrong answer written on the mirror in the rest room. The best heat-retaining materials for bathtubs are . And that also happens in Per. Long-term? This kind of conflicts are the cause of other like working children, malnutrition, crimes, illiterate people, unemployment, and some others. Salim knew that if he answered the last question, Jamal would become a millionaire, but in the good way, he knew that if he take free Latika sending to his brother, he will be happy, because Jamal will be with Latika. It can also mean that everyone can change whatever they want. This is not happening only in Lima and Mumbai, it has actually been developing all around the world. It means that Jamal was born in a slumdog family and he was poor, and by consecuence, the people of this same economic situation, had difficulties to get this type of beneficts because of racism, fear, etc. They are focusing on meaningless things like paying more politicians to complete all the political parties when they dont realize that most part of the country needs urgent economical and moral help. Salim isn's just a questionable character, he is a bad brother. But as we saw, thats not true, since it lies to his brother Salim, thought it would be very reliable, but Salim threw Jamal and only thinking about himself. Salim makes the choice of putting all the money of Javed in the bathtub and then get into the bathtub him too, to shoot and kill Javed because he knowed that if Javed was dead he will no longer search for Latika or Jamal so they could be free. | Comparing Limas slums with Munbais slums Meanwhile Salim, back in the safe house, sacrifices himself in order to stop Javed from coming after Latika and Jamal. We should make people realize that these people are also human beings and we should help them. Jamal came from slums of Mumbai and became a millionaire on the game show. So then they need to live in poor houses, slums. How does the title and the contrasts within it provide symbolic summary of the film? Indian and Lima slums are not so different since both are poor and are located outside the city. Edit, The soundtrack, which is composed by A.R. Well, the destiny was a really important theme in the movie, because the caste system says that if you born in a slum you are destined to be a super poor guy, without chance to be someone in live, but in the movie, we see that Jamal Malik goes again that law and finish being someone. They wont hire people if they come from the mountains, they actually think, these people are ignorant. Salim's death Resigned to his fate, the sacrifice he has made for his childhood friend, Salim fills a bathtub with money, the only reward for the life of a gangster, and gets into the tub with a revolver, prepared to meet his fate. But the answer is easy, and that person from a lower level have nothing that it is important to me, not the information I want, is not going to be my friend because it is simply a lower level than me, have no education, he doesn`t know important people, he dont have a job, and speak to them, all you get is wasting your time. Compare and contrast three pivotal choices or decisions made by Jamal and Salim. He stares at him before giving him some moneya hundred dollar bill. (A) George Washington, (B) Franklin Roosevelt, (C) Benjamin Franklin, or (D) Abraham Lincoln. In the most graphically violent scene of the movie, a young beggar boy is drugged and blinded with acid while unconscious. Mumbai and Lima: *there's a lot of garbage. Millionaire, all we know what it means so I dont have to say. Why does Salim fill the bathtub with money? They are in most of the cases poor so they can just build a little hut. It is sad that the things in common are the most terrible aspects of their live because this simply means that there is more people in the world living in this inhuman state. Edit, They were Hindu rioters, and she was a Muslim. This is a dirty game and mental emotional psychological which keep people in a state of painful illusion. As I said before, this title deals with predujice and discrimination tto people from the slums, and how they make their money. Why or why not? He signed on for the film and allowed the filmmakers to duplicate the show. Jamal, Salim, and Latika escape the room. Answering to the first question, the title refers to change. Slumdog Millionaire essays are academic essays for citation. The title Means like two different words that don`t means anything together because slum mean like poor people and millionaire like a very rick people. This angular shooting, often in conjunction with very quick cuts, creates a playful and adventurous atmosphere in the storytelling, and makes the narrative seem very exciting. *the classrooms are very small/crowded with students. Salim wanted to gie because he regrets his actions. When Jamal remains intent on finding her, Salim insists, "There are 90 million people in this city, Jamal. The patch did the job for the time being, at least. The government must take action in this situation. Maman drops a bunch of coins on the ground and tells Salim to disappear with Jamal and forget the whole thing. The imagery shows just how dangerous and menacing Maman is. I think that the government should take care about the organization of the slums, offer employment opportunities and provide basic human resources like clean water, food, better lighting, sanitarity and infrastructure. Edit, In the opening scene of the movie, a title card reads: Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 Million Rupees. the tittle, as already you should know, its Slumdog millionaire, now there are two opposite terms that discribe two different persons, life styles, etc. Forced to make a guess, Jamal picks "Aramis" as his final answer. In addition, we can say that Salim wanted to stop working with the Indian mob, but didnt know how, so the only option was to sacrifice himself. There are a lot of slums in both cities, but Mumbai has the highest population of slums in a small territory. This is ridiculous because there isnt going to start any war in Peru. By the time pass, that friendship turns to strong loop of love. Here in Peru, the same thing occurs in slums. And dont imagine that he will won 20 million rupees. In this period he meet a woman that with more time spending with her, more he love her. This phenomenon appears because the government dont care about poor people then say that they care about but thats a lie. We can see that in Mumbai there is a lot of poverty, like in Lima, there are a lot of slums, traffic, and terrorism. The plight of India's child beggars has been thrust into the international spotlight by Slumdog Millionaire, the British-made film tipped for Oscar glory. Throughout, we see shots filmed at a slight angle, askant. When Boyle met him, he had found his Jamal. But the money wasnt the most important thing in his destiny, the most important thing was, that he finish finding Latika, they were separate for a long of time, but finally they met. They can hear through the apartment walls. With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like Argentina and start watching Argentine Netflix, which includes Slumdog Millionaire. is worth approximately 410,000 USD; 280,000 GBP; 294,000 EUR; 580,000 AUD; or 500,000 CAD. Immediately after the dance scene, the gang erupts into the empty train station and slaughters Jamal and Latika. However, this time, Salim is older, tougher, and intent on revenge. some people cant accept this fact, and state his money earned illegaly. Why did Salim fill the bathtub with money? So this need Lima, the people poor cant give up and go to the next question of his life. The tv host on this show is not fair with the school with less reputation or less money, so he give to them hard questions and he dont treat them well. Like the hero of the Oscar-winning film, Sushil Kumar used his wits to win a fortune - but one year on, his life has changed only a little. Some of the things that characterize these two types of slums are the very poor of conditions of live, the houses made of poor materials, like straw, the people that do not even have a home and the poor materials of what are made the roads. Isolation due to poverty Edit, The domestic trailer features three songs: "Latika's Theme," from A.R. What is this film staying about the effect of money on culture? In this way, the film shows that destiny is something that brings together free will and the ineffablea karmic collaboration. In the film, the theme of destiny is a central theme. The host, Prem Kumar, has no history with Jamal or his women. The imagery lets us know that we are not in the present time, but the past, and that the images being portrayed are ones that haunt Jamal's psyche. What does the title mean? In the interrogation room, the younger policeman quizzes Jamal to see if he knows who is on an Indian bill, but Jamal cannot answer his question. Proceed by removing the plastic caps from the center of the faucet. He fills the bathtub, because he knows that his boss will kill him, as he let go of Latika, which was one of his girls, and had practically a slave. "Bombay had turned into Mumbai," he says, and we see Jamal and Salim walking through large industrial areas. They do have houses, but these houses cant be really called like such. When Jamal heard her voice he asked her if she is safe and Latika says yes, in that moment he didnt care about the money or the show so he answered any option and coincidently that was the right one.

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